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Case Study: A New Brand & Core Messaging


The Challenge

When former IMAX Corporation and Walt Disney Studios executive Jason Brenek needed to introduce Hollywood and other film industries around the world to a new platform for delivering movies to cinemas, he sought the counsel of Chamberlayne Inc. Brenek, who helped to develop and grow a number of products for large-scale entertainment companies, including the Walt Disney Company, Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Studios, needed to establish a complex marketing strategy that would help establish MetaMedia as the first company in the world to deliver movies, live events and other premium content through a cloud-based solution.

Our Results

After a series of discovery meetings and strategy sessions, Charles Chamberlayne introduced MetaMedia to the global entertainment market, helping to establish a new, strong brand and core message for the company. Chamberlayne also developed sub-messages for each of MetaMedia’s new products and services that communicated its potential to new customers. His work helped the company to generate several million dollars in sales and critical partnerships with major movie chains, including Cinemark, Cinépolis USA Movie Theaters & Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, Marcus Theatres, B&B Theatres, Landmark Cinemas, Emagine Entertainment and more. Today, MetaMedia is billed as the first global, cloud-based entertainment platform that delivers movies, premium content and live events to cinemas and other venues around the world.


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